Using local ingredients from oregon farms, I made a pizza!!!!!!! 



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Hi everybody!
I know I update really erratically,  but I just wanted to give an update!

I moved to Portland, Oregon! I love it here. The food is amazing practically everywhere.

Here is my new kitchen! I will continue to post different dishes that I make out of whatever I have. Some will be very cheap (like when we get frozen food from dollar tree), some will be unnecessarily expensive (like when we shop at Zupan’s for a few things, the expensive but amazing grocery store down the way). Either way, it will be, hopefully, delicious. 

Went to the West Hollywood Farmer’s Market on Monday morning, picked up some fresh vegetables and enjoyed the wonderful sights, smells, and samples! (pictured above: me with a cucumber gun!)

I’ve really wanted to try making ratatouille, but for now I didn’t have enough ingredients, so loosely following the directions for ratatouille, I made a more italian version.

I preheated my oven to about 350, greased a pan with olive oil and garlic powder (in lieu of fresh garlic), and sliced up a bunch of yellow squash and italian zucchini, laced them with olive oil, parsley, basil, pepper, and garlic powder. I then layered them on top of each other like they suggest you do for ratatouille, poured some water on them, and then sprinkled some cinnamon on top (cinnamon on the squash makes a bit of a pumpkiny autumnal taste that I love) and stuck them in the oven! They were in for a bit over ten minutes, with me checking on them until they had softened more. It tasted amazing. 

Happy 100th birthday, amazing chef and feminist, Julia Child. 

Happy 100th birthday, amazing chef and feminist, Julia Child. 

Pizza bagels in Mr. Toaster Oven! 

Pizza bagels in Mr. Toaster Oven! 

Reading picnic with apple slices, a deconstructed sandwich and eggplant hummus to dip!

Reading picnic with apple slices, a deconstructed sandwich and eggplant hummus to dip!

Banana Cinnamon Buttermilk Pancakes!

I picked up some buttermilk pancake mix from Trader Joe’s and thought that this grey morning would be perfect for pancakes. I followed the directions on the box (one egg, some water, some mix), and then stirred in some cinnamon and a bit of nonfat vanilla banana yogurt, whisking it with a fork until smooth. Then, I sliced up two bananas and sliced up some cinnamon almonds for toppings!

With a griddle that I got this winter from my nana’s house, I made the flapjacks! The mix ended up making a lot more pancakes than I had realized, and they came out consistently awesome. Topped with syrup, butter, bananas, almonds, and a sliced strawberry on the side, it was such a treat.

So many pancakes.

So full.

Tasty Homemade Dinner Part Three!

Pictured above are the finished results! It really felt like a perfect combination of flavours. It was just the right amount of chicken with an abundance of delicious sweet potato fries, and the salad to balance it all out. The sweet potato fries were partially crunchy and partially soft, and I thought just right. Despite the amount of oil and butter going into the dishes, it filled us up but didn’t weigh us down. I thought i’d have plenty of the wedges left over, but by the end of the night, they were all gone.

Everything went together so well, felt so vibrant and full of nutrients, and definitely worth the preparation. We watched Bizarre Foods as we ate, and spent the rest of the night just reveling in the flavours that still lingered.

Kids, try this at home!